What To Bring and Not To Bring

Captain Jeff will provide all the gear, bait and
fishing tackle. You may bring your own equipment if you want. No license is required. A cooler with ice will also be available to keep drinks and food in.


Captain Jeff reserves the right to reschedule
the trip at any time in the event that unsafe weather
conditions including but not limited to high winds,
thunderstorms, or lightning exist.

Suggested items to bring:
* Camera
* Hat/Visor
* Sunscreen
* Sunglasses
* Food and drinks (no glass please)
Please wear non marking shoes (white or tan bottom only)

 *********No spray on sunscreen it coats the floor and becomes a slip and fall hazard.

If you have ever been on one of the large “Head Boats” to go fishing you know how busy the crew can get with all the other people on board the vessel. Now imagine the trip with just you or some of your friends and or family. You receive Captain Jeff’s complete attention. The amount of assistance that you require is completely up to you. He will be glad to explain the tricks and techniques used to catch the fish that you are targeting for that day. Remember, You will be the only group going that day, not 100 plus individuals all fighting for the best position on the boat. There is plenty of room on the boat to fish off the back and sunbathe on the front so everyone is happy and together